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634 W Main Street, Suite 302
Madison, WI 53703


An independent, fee only wealth management firm providing comprehensive financial planning services. We hold no client assets and we do not sell any products.


What We Do

Mendota Financial Group provides retirement planning services including wealth management, asset allocation, financial consulting and education.

What We Do

Wealth Management

Wealth management involves an on-going strategy of investment management and financial planning which typically encompasses the total financial affairs of a client. The depth of planning will vary from client to client, but almost always involves planning and financial decision making related to investments, retirement, estates and life insurance. 


We offer financial consulting to those who would like an analysis of their financial situation at a given point in time. This one-time analysis may also include aspects of the wealth management services offered and is billed as a one-time service.


We are happy to meet with children of clients to help better educate them regarding financial matters.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation is the process of structuring an investment portfolio to balance the risk versus reward by adjusting the amount invested in the primary asset classes of cash, fixed income and equities.  The asset allocation strategy will vary for each investor depending on their ability and willingness to accept risk, goals, investment time frame and other assets (privately held business interests, real estate, etc.).  The financial industry defines risk as volatility of the underlying portfolio measured by standard deviation.  We think of risk as the probability of a permanent loss of capital.  The question we attempt to answer is:  what is a conservative portfolio that creates the highest probability of meeting the client's retirement income, charitable or other long-term goals?